Mar. 6th, 2013

Teaser Post

Mar. 6th, 2013 04:09 pm
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I'm slowly, slowly putting together my notes and photos, but I've had to focus first on my blog for the African Wildlife Foundation's site, which will be shorter and very photo-light compared to what I'll be doing here. But I've resized a few photos, so here's a sneak peek. These are nothing compared to some of the photos I'll post later, because except for the cheetahs, they're from our first day in our first park, Tarangire. (OK, the roller is from Day 2, but it's still Tarangire.) you go.

Our first sighting was a pair of mostly nocturnal bat-eared foxes, so seeing them out at midday was pretty cool.

This is a lilac-breasted roller coming in for a landing with lunch (an insect, I think) in his beak. Rollers get their name from the way the males roll in the air to show off for females.

How about a lioness, one of a group of four (one was a young male, iirc) who were gazing intently at an impala on a nearby hillside?

And here's our first leopard. Though lions will also climb trees (photographic proof coming later), only leopards have the jaw strength to drag their prey up with them.

And here's a shot some of you have already seen: a female cheetah with her two semi-adult cubs in the Serengeti.


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